Summary of Learning: Wrapping up EC&I 831

It doesn’t feel like we should be here yet. Wrapping up my first master’s class, I can be certain when I tell you that I’ve learned a lot and had a great time dipping my feet into postgraduate work.

Coming into this class, I was certainly comfortable with the concept of Social-Media, but had only posted a handful of times in the last decade. This course has encouraged me to push outside my comfort zone, and in doing so, I’ve really enjoyed being able to expand my personal learning network through Twitter, and Blogging. Open Education Resources were fairly new to me, and I’ve come to realize how beneficial the OER movement will be to current and future teachers.

For my summary of learning, I was lucky enough to work with James Jones. Although James and I were familiar with one another prior to the class, I really enjoyed getting to know him as we worked on this assignment together. In terms of format, we created a podcast-esque discussion, in which we screen recorded a Microsoft Teams call, and discussed our major take-aways from the course. Although there was plenty to take away, for sake of time we narrowed our topics down to:

  1. EdTech Tools and PLNs
  2. Social Media Activism and Social Justice
  3. Digital Identities and Digital Citizenship
  4. Open Education Resources.

We took the rough video of our Teams call, and imported it into WeVideo. This program was incredibly user friendly, and we also benefited from the premium features due to our school division providing a license for all teachers.

Unfortunately WordPress won’t allow me to directly embed the video without upgrading my plan, so the thumbnail below is just a screenshot. you should be able to view our video using the link below. (If you can’t please leave a comment and let me know!)


Just a screenshot

To wrap up, I’d like to thank James, Alec, and the entire EC&I 831 class. I truly enjoyed my first master’s class, and I’d love to keep in touch, both in person and online! Have a great holiday season!

3 thoughts on “Summary of Learning: Wrapping up EC&I 831

  1. Colton, like I said on James’ post… this was so well done and very comprehensive. I felt like you both did a good job working together and making a solid project. You went over several concepts that I had forgotten over the course and often I was like thinking to myself, ‘oh yah I forgot about that’ or ‘hmmm… I maybe should have included that!’ Congrats on finishing your first master’s class! You are well on your way to your degree now. Keep up the great work!


  2. Wow! This video was very well done, and I love all the editing! I am so intrigued by WeVideo and this has definitely solidified I will use it in the future! It was a lot of fun having both of you two in this class and the various discussions we all engaged in! Have a great last couple of weeks before Christmas!! And I hope we can jump in a couple more classes together!


  3. Well done Colton and James! Wrapping up your first class is always a great feeling. Looks like lots of quality learning happened for you both! Congrats! Looking forward to working with you guys again in future classes!


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