Week 13: Learning Project Wrap-Up

Learning to use a CNC Router has been an adventure, and a process, to say the least. This being said, I’ve loved each and every minute of it. In an earlier update, I started by telling you that I tend to obsess, and this could be more truthful. Over the last 12 weeks or so,Continue reading “Week 13: Learning Project Wrap-Up”

Week 9- Learning Project Update!

It’s been a busy few weeks since my last update! With school and extra-curriculars in going in full gear, it’s been hectic to say the least. Budgets Get the Best of Us For those of you that read through my last update, you’ll know that we’ve been discussing ordering a CNC router for quite aContinue reading “Week 9- Learning Project Update!”

Week 5: Let’s Update the Major Project

I tend to obsess. When I find a new interest or activity, I become enthralled in researching, watching, learning, and reading reviews on each and every part of the activity. Over the last month, this trend has reemerged as I envelop myself in the world of CNC routers, and the possibilities that come with them.Continue reading “Week 5: Let’s Update the Major Project”

Week 3: EC&I 831 Major Digital Project

While looking over the options for our Major Digital Project, I was swarmed with the thoughts of many possibilities. While going through my options, I quickly noticed that all my options had a few themes in common. It became apparent, that I want to create something practical and usable within my classroom, something that includesContinue reading “Week 3: EC&I 831 Major Digital Project”

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