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Colton Lund

Educator, Coach, Support, Lifelong Learner

Latest from the Blog

Week 11: Let’s Create! Investigating Makerspaces

This week we were treated to an exceptional presentation by Kristen, Gilles, and Meenu. To be quite honest, this was one of the presentations I was most excited to take part in, as it has strong ties both to my teaching load, and my areas of interest. Coding and Makerspaces have been involved in someContinue reading “Week 11: Let’s Create! Investigating Makerspaces”

Week 9: Assessment Technologies- Blooket Review!

This week we were treated to a great presentation from Brittney, Megan, and Bret on Assessment technologies. Being someone who’s always been interested in technology, I’ve sought to include technology within my assessment for the majority of my teaching career. I’ve gone through learning cycles of using these technologies, varying in type, frequency, and complexity.Continue reading “Week 9: Assessment Technologies- Blooket Review!”

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